About Us

Welcome to Larrikin 4x4 and Camping!

We are a small but motivated company specializing in apparel for all you keen 4x4 enthusiasts. 

@LRKN we started as a small business in Melbourne Australia, with big dreams.  Our personal passion for 4x4 and camping began in our teens and 20's, travelling the rugged terrain's of Australia's brutal yet stunning outback across Western Australia and the northern Territory. Born and bred in Melbourne, we have spent heaps of time in the great outdoors with some of Victoria's most treacherous tracks and tours in our own backyard. With 4 children, not only have we had to ensure safety is paramount, but being comfortable and ensuring we have enough easily accessible storage on board, has been a challenge. 

So.... we began our business. Whilst we strive to produce the highest quality products we also aim to reduce the costs to make becoming a true larrikin a reality.   

With a motivated team, we’re always looking for innovative new products, gadgets and safety gear to get the best to you. We love to work with small Aussie businesses and help promote other brands. 


Massive Markups on 4x4 and camping products removed 

In the same way Kogan, Amazon and other innovative online retailers have reduced the prices you pay on heaps of products, we have introduced this new way of shopping to 4x4ers. Everyone knows higher prices don’t always equal better quality and WE have proven this! Don’t be fooled by competitors claiming their price is higher because their product quality is superior. @LRKN, we cut out the middlemen and press each piece of clothing individually by hand. 

Meaghan and Jai 
Founders – Larrikin 4x4 and camping


Our range of aftermarket products are sourced from a number of quality third party manufacturers from australia where possible and around the world. @LRKN wishes to clarify that any trademarks owned by vehicle manufacturers or images of entire vehicles on this website are intended only to indicate that the product for sale is suitable for that particular make of vehicle. Use of third party trademarks or images of vehicles are not intended to indicate any association with, sponsorship by or approval of the manufacturer of the vehicle or the owner of the trade marks.